• Bullseye Poster #1

    I designed this poster for an independent film project. Elements in the poster include my photography and the logo.

  • Kristine & Jeff Save the Dates

    Kristine & Jeff reached out to me for a unique save the date photo and design session. I offered them this work and they (and their family and friends) loved it.

  • Christmastime in Somerville - 2015

    After taking some pictures of Downtown Somerville, I edited one of my photos to show a more vintage, winter scene for our Christmas cards.

  • Zoey's First Christmas

    A custom designed Christmas card featuring my photography.

  • A Silent Day's Night

    With this Christmas card, I redesigned the iconic Beatles album art and matched the photos I was provided to the original art.

  • Save the Day

    I designed this two sided save the date for my wedding. I thought it would be interesting to make it look like an action movie poster, which turned out to be a big hit.

  • mikey

    I designed this high school graduation invitation using my photography.

  • A View to a Wedding

    I created this poster for my wedding as a signing board for our guests. This was inspired by the A View to a Kill poster as I'm a James Bond fan... although I made quite a few changes converting the original poster's 1985 San Francisco backdrop to a modern New York City. I also included the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man coming to get us as my wife is a huge Ghostbusters fan.

  • The Husband Poster

    Designed for a small, independent short film, this poster incorporates my photography and design.

  • Hook, Line, & Sinker in the Navy

    A Navy themed signing poster I illustrated for my sister's wedding.

  • Alice Cooper Backdrop

    This poster was designed as a backdrop for displaying photos and concert souvenirs from an Alice Cooper concert.

  • bridalshower

    I designed this bridal shower invite for my wife's shower, complete with a custom map and registry information.

  • Save the Date 2009

  • Baby Shower Invite

    A literal take on the term "baby shower" was implied for my sister's baby shower invitations.

  • Amelia Announcement

    Photography and design for my niece's announcement card.

  • Bullseye Poster #2

    An alternate poster highlighting the two main characters in an independent movie. This piece incorporates my photography and logo work.

  • Patch & Chewy Christmas Card 2015

    A Christmas card I photographed designed for some friends and their dogs.


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