• Asiga Tri-fold Brochure

    This tri-fold brochure for a line of 3D printers was a hit at trade shows. I designed it to print utilizing one piece of paper to minimize cost, and I even found a way to show actual size build areas for each printer, which was a first for the 3D printing industry.

  • Projet1200 Flyer

    A simple flyer for a new 3D printer.

  • RBFL Poster

    This poster was designed for a trade show as awe did not have the machine on hand. It was printed and mounted to be displayed prominently at our booth.

  • Wax Injector Flyer

    One of my flyers for American Jewelry Supply.

  • American Jewelry Supply Catalog

    This catalog was my main project at American Jewelry Supply. For two and a half years, I indexed all of our products and designed this 288 page catalog, which was the first of its kind for the company. If you would like to see a PDF of the entire catalog, please visit this site.


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