• Bullseye

    A logo for an independent film noir movie. I wanted to convey something action packed yet elegant without showing cliche targets and other bullseye themes.

  • 2011 Hurriquake

    After the Northeast region of the United States was struck by an earthquake and Hurricane Irene within days, I designed this graphic for t-shirts and coffee mugs. I sold quite a few items.

  • IDComics

    Some of my earliest work in design for a comic book company I wanted to start. Soon after, I got more into photography and abandoned that idea, but I still used the logo until I felt the need to revise my brand.

  • Monmouth University Photography Club

    I was put in charge of design and social media for Monmouth University's new photography club. As soon as we got together, I pitched a few ideas and everyone fell in love with this design.

  • Prister Productions

    A production company logo I made for an independent filmmaker, who wanted it to convey something big happening on the horizon or something new about to happen.


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