It seems that if you looked all over the Internet to find everything you want to know about Jimmy Kastner (that’s me by the way), you may not need to look much further than this site. In fact this webpage is really the go to place for most things about Jimmy Kastner… Wouldn’t it be funny if I decided to stop writing my about me section right here?

…I think that would have been hilarious, but you wouldn’t know that I’m about to claim that I’m a photographer and graphic designer from Somerville, New Jersey. You see, I’m a photographer and graphic designer from Somerville, New Jersey. I like to keep things light and interesting. It’s all about having fun and embracing what life throws at you. My photography represents the experience that is life… specifically my life and what I experience every day.

I have taken that idea and turned it into an ongoing project I call 10,000+ and it’s basically a 365 project that didn’t quite end after the first year. It all started on my 10,000th day alive, which I calculated with Wolfram | Alpha, and felt would be a good day to begin such a project. Today, I’m at [php snippet=1] and I’m still going strong. I believe the act of taking a picture every day, stretching my mind for photo ideas with this project, and even accepting the fact that many ideas and themes can get a bit repetitive, has actually made me a better photographer. Since starting 10K Plus, I have been taken more seriously as an artist and I have, at the very least, gotten my foot in the door as a professional photographer. Now that I’m well into this project, I have decided to retire and dedicate this site to a project that couldn’t stand the test of time… kidding… I’m definitely going to continue this. It’s been a great ride… Sometimes I wonder if the project defines me as much as I define it.

All of my favorite photos and design work is on this site, which I designed all by myself, fueled by several gallons of coffee and out of scraps of code in a cave. I could talk about every picture I ever shot all day if you paid wanted me to, but I’m a little too quiet so I’ll let my work speak for itself… So I’ve decided it would be best to end my about me section here instead.

Featured Clients

  • Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

    Sold usage rights to photograph of One World Trade Center which is featured prominently on Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s website to showcase their building’s design in New York City.

  • Atrium Executive Center

    Sold photographs to be hung as centerpieces in the main lobby of Atrium’s East Brunswick Location.

  • American Heart Association

    Volunteered as an event photographer for several charity events and donated photographs to be auctioned.

  • Foundation Fighting Blindness

    Event photographer for several charity events and photography was featured on their New York Chapter’s website.

Featured Publications

  • Time Magazine

    Sold photograph of One World Trade Center to Time which was featured as the introduction photo in a special edition book about the building.

  • Asbury Park Press

    Aerial photography featured in an article which highlights work as a photographer.

  • The Star Ledger

    Photography featured in multiple articles, and photograph received first prize which was published in the Star Ledger’s Great Destinations NJ photo book.

  • Gizmodo

    Aerial photograph of One World Trade Center featured in an article, which caused it to go viral.

  • PetaPixel

    Aerial photograph of One World Trade Center featured in an article.

  • Viewing NYC

    Photography and biography featured in exclusive article on Viewing NYC’s website.

Social Media Acknowledgments

  • Foursquare

    Inspired Foursquare to design a new diner themed badge after creating a well followed list of diners in New Jersey.

  • Hyatt Place

    Photography featured in Hyatt Place’s social media pages.

  • Downtown Somerville

    Photography featured on Somerville’s Facebook page.


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